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Andrew X.F. // 21 // he/him

Hey there, I'm Andrew, and I like birds a lot. I'm a casual digital artist, kind of tired, but I'm doing the best I can. I'm primarily active on Twitter.


Andrew (Andre, Andy, any variant's cool, but I prefer Andrew), or Quail if we don't know each other too well/that makes you more comfortable.
△ Chinese
△ 21 (Oct 27th, 2000)
△ College Kid
△ Male (he/him pronouns)
△ Eastern Standard Time
△ Synoicus, Coturnix, or very rarely Excalfactoria on other sites.

Hi there! I'm Andrew, and I'm just a jack of quite a few trades who knows a slew of useless bird facts. I do a couple of things besides drawing, but I'm likely best known for my designs. I'm currently in college and while it makes my posting inconsistent, I hope you enjoy what's here.

Nice to meet you!


△ I currently use Clip Studio Paint as my primary drawing program. I'll additionally use MagicaVoxel to create my voxel models, and Affinity designer to create logo/design works beyond CSP's capabilities. All are used on my Surface Pro 6.

△ Primarily draw animals and monsters, but also humans/humanoids as well.

△ Please note that I have limited social energy and I'm not the best at conversation as a result- if you'd like to communicate with me, please DM me if you'd like! Although, please do note that communication takes a lot out of me, and my replies may be scarce as a result.

△ Pretend that all the usual DNI things that you'd expect to be on here are here (eg; trans/homophobic, racist, perform/condone abusive dynamics (incest, minors + adults), emotional abuse, the like). I'm just trying to do what I do and mind my own business, please respect that. Thanks.

If I ever say/do something that's an issue for you, please let me know via DMs or the like. I want to make sure I'm not harming anyone and take accountability for anything, even if it's a mistake- I've got pretty bad anxiety about this and I'd appreciate to hear anyone out.


△ I'm very anxious most of the time, and I can tend to be impulsive at points- if I ever talk over you or say something rude, especially in a faster paced environment, I'm extremely sorry. Please know that I mean no harm.

△ I do occasionally tackle villainous characters/villainous themes, but please note I in absolutely no way condone or approve of their actions. They're intentionally created to be terrible people/antagonistic figures.

△ I may have issues with getting the correct tense of less common neopronouns- but please bear with me. I'm still learning and I'll do my best to accommodate you.

△ I say dude, man, bro, bud, etc. often in a completely neutral way- if you'd rather not be addressed passively that way, please, let me know.

△ I am genuinely poor with conflict; but I will always try to make sure things are right/the least amount of harm is done to people in the process. Please bear with me.

Overall, if I ever say/do something that's an issue for you, please let me know via DMs or the like. I want to make sure I'm not harming anyone and take accountability for anything, even if it's a mistake- I've got pretty bad anxiety about this and I'd appreciate to hear anyone out.



King Quails/Chinese Painted Quails are my absolute favourite animal. Pretty much all of my usernames are some variant of their names.
Birds. There isn't a single bird I dislike, but in particular I really like the phasianidae (pheasants and quails), gaviidae (loons), anatidae (ducks and geese), and columbidae (pigeons) families.
△ Deep sea fauna (especially the oarfish and eels)
△ Cats
△ Eldritch horror
△ Mystery series/novels/shows
△ Science! Especially biology (zoology to be specific) and astronomy
△ Character design/lore/development
△ Horror game lore/horror lore/horror comics
△ Linguistics (especially regarding the differences between different structures of grammar)
△ Vexillology
△ Animation
△ CSS/HTML Coding (I am but an amateur, though)
△ Low-poly models (DS/PS1 limitations)


Wandersong (pretty much my personal GOT. Fantastic story based game with wonderful characters, lots of heart, and great music. Please try it out if you get a chance.)
△ Kirby (Series)
△ Mother (Series)
△ Indie RPG maker games (Off, Hylics, The Witch's House)
△ Fire Emblem (Series)
△ Animal Crossing
△ Hollow Knight
△ Cookie Run
△ Monster Hunter (comes in waves but I do really love the series overall)
△ Splatoon
△ Rhythm Heaven
△ Roguelikes and roguelites
△ Hypnospace Outlaw
△ LoZ series (especially BOTW as of now)


△ The Antlers
△ Classical/piano music
△ balloon
△ Saint Motel
△ Capital Cities
△ Glass Animals
△ Everything Everything
△ Death Cab For Cutie
△ Mili
△ The Mechanisms


△ Bojack Horseman
△ Vinesauce (Vinny, Joel)
△ The Good Place
△ Ducktales (2017)



On a case by case basis; ask me!

On a case by case basis. Friends only.



Ah, the good old DNI list. Please don't follow or interact with me if you do/engage with any of the following. I can't really stop you, but I can ask, at least.

△ Condone/romanticize/engage in CSA/CSP/incest/sexual assault/etc.

△ Engage in racist circles, are racist, use racial slurs you cannot reclaim, profit off of exploiting minority cultures you are not part of, and/or are against the black lives matter movement.

△ You're anti LGBTQ+, and/or are a TERF/Truscum/Transmed/think nonbinary identities are not real identities.

△ You romanticize/condone fascism/authoritarianism/human rights violations.

△ You deny science (deny global warming, vaccines, etc).

△ You openly fetishize Asians/Asian culture, especially if you ignore/discriminate against SE Asians or SW Asians. (appreciation is completely fine- just be careful not to overstep boundaries)

△ You actively defend known abusers, despite evidence that they have indeed harmed someone/people.

△ You engage in prejudice against disabled people (including mental and physical disabilities).

△ You interact with me not out of genuine interest, but to get free art/things from me/get close to my friends. (This also includes trying to emotionally manipulate/guilt trip me. Don't try it.)

△ You flirt with me randomly when we hardly know each other/I have little context nor knowledge who you are, especially if you're a minor.

△ You're under 13.


Other sites I frequent, but aren't as essential as the core sites presented at home.

[Stars (✦) indicate priority/activity, with five stars (✦✦✦✦✦) being incredibly/ridiculously active.]

[✦✦✦✦✦] Probably my most active place, even amongst the sites featured on the main page. You can find my discord information within my art site if you're inclined to. (I do not do DMs on a personal level to strangers, though.)

[N/A] Not active now that AF is over. Thank you for the good fight!

[NA] Not currently active. Maybe there will be content present.. Later.

[✦] Somewhat active, primarily when fests/events occur.

[✦] I'm not too active here anymore! My bad